Woke in Plain English: "Cultural Appropriation"

Cultural Appropriation. When the woke say "cultural appropriation," what they mean is: when someone from a dominant culture adopts or uses something from a minority culture. Examples of cultural appropriation include things like white people sporting dreadlocks, or white people wearing the traditional dress of Japan (a kimono), or white people getting tattoos of the native people of New Zealand, the Maori, or white people opening a Mexican restaurant. The reason woke people accuse white people of cultural appropriation if they're wearing dreadlocks, but rarely black people who get Maori-style tattoos is because white people have power. They have cultural, social, financial, and other advantages of a dominant group, which holds more power than a minority group. When you have power, adopting or using something found in a minority culture is considered disrespectful, exploitative, offensive, and even stealing. In short, it's considered cultural appropriation.