Woke in Plain English: "I Feel Unsafe"

I Feel Unsafe. When the woke say, "I feel unsafe," what they really mean is, I don't want to engage with your ideas, and those words make me feel threatened. One of the reasons woke people feel unsafe around certain words and ideas is because they believe that words and ideas are violence. A psychologist described it this way: words cause stress; a lot of stress causes physical harm; things that cause physical harm are violent; therefore, speech is violent. If someone feels unsafe due to words and ideas, they usually believe two things. First, just as we stop people from committing physical violence, so too, should we stop people from committing verbal violence. So we need to restrict people's speech so they won't be committing violence and people can feel safe. Second, if someone is committing violence, we have a right to self-defense. We are justified in meeting verbal violence with physical violence.