Woke in Plain English: "Internalize"

Internalize. When the woke use the word "internalize," they mean when a person from a non-dominant group takes upon the beliefs of the dominant group, specifically, a belief that they're inferior. This is a common woke tactic to shut down opinions that conflict with the woke worldview. An example of internalized racism would be if the dominant group is white, and whites believe that non-whites are intellectually inferior. A non-white person who believes they are intellectually inferior has internalized the belief of the dominant group. According to Dr. James Lindsay, co-author of the bestselling book Cynical Theories, examples of internalized oppression include: believing that the dominant group members are more qualified for and more deserving of their positions; behaving in ways that please the dominant group; and, having low expectations for yourself and others associated with your group. For the woke, one can internalize many states of oppression like misogyny (hatred of women), or transphobia (fear or prejudice of trans people). In these examples, the alleged values of the dominant group would be internalized, that is, they would be believed by the non-dominant group.