Woke in Plain English: "White Fragility"

White Fragility. When the woke say "white fragility," what they mean is, if you deny that you are a racist, that proves that you are a racist. The idea behind white fragility is that white people have power and status in society and are so accustomed to their power and status that they become fragile when they are confronted by their racism. So, if someone accuses you of racism, you basically have three options:
1. You can say that you're a racist, in which case you're a racist.
2. You can deny that you're a racist, in which case you're displaying white fragility, and your denial is evidence of your racism.
3. You can try to figure out what you've done that's racist by asking them questions. In this case, you're still racist, because asking questions is a type of white fragility.
In every case, you are a racist. The only thing left to figure out is whether or not you'll admit your racism.