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One thing I think is worth considering on the matter is whether the drag performer doing the story hour also puts on performances that are also only appropriate for adults. If they do exclusively child-appropriate stuff, then it seems along the lines of Eddie Murphy playing female members of the Klump family in the Nutty Professor. If the drag artist does adult-only performances, then performs for children under the same stage name, it's going to make the kids who enjoyed the performance they saw want to go to the one that's not yet appropriate for them, which makes it tough for a parent trying to explain why they can't.

An analogy that comes to mind would be if they made another Hangover movie, but replaced Ken Jong's coked-up, dick-flashing character with Barney, the purple dinosaur behaving in a similar manner, it'd cause a lot of parents to not want their kids to watch Barney's next kid-appropriate performance, because they understandably don't want it to incline their kid to sneak and watch the Barney Hangover.

If a drag artist who does adult-only shows wants to do all-ages performances, doing it under a different stage name would offer a reasoned rebuttal to anyone trying to generate controversy about the issue. (Although controversy both sells tickets and earns support for those standing in opposition, so maybe it'd be foolish to expect anyone to contribute toward a resolution.)

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It would have been great to have you play!

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I've nothing against drag shows for adults, but this (or any form of lewd cabaret) is just inappropriate for children.

Moreover, drag no longer carries the progressive meanings that it once did. In the past, drag queens and kings "performed gender" - revealing that gender essentialism is false. Now they do the opposite; they claim that performing gender is an expression of something deep and intrinsic in the person performing it, an interior 'identity' that is somehow coded in very stereotypically masculine or feminine forms. Essentialising gender undermines the importance of distinguishing between sex and gender which was so fundamental to the progress made by gender non-conformists of the late 20th century.

Biological sex is real and gender is an abstract concept that humans can nevertheless reify -- i.e.. adopt, internalise, perform and put on. The lie about gender essentialism is the achilles heel of the transgender ideology and I am surprised that it has not been thoroughly demolished.

Perhaps this failure to attack the most vulnerable tenet of transgenderism is owing to the fact that a lot of men still seem reluctant to admit that masculinity is separate to the physical differences that define biological male sex. This reluctance to accept how far culture shapes their own perception of their 'masculinity' leads a lot of otherwise smart men to cling to the idea that gender (like sex) is essential and innate, when it just isn't. Please ,please read Gina Rippon and Cordelia Fine. Both have thoroughly debunked the idea that gender is innate. Men, I know that admitting this will make life harder for you, but this is not a good reason to reject the truth. You're bigger than that.

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I’ve seen video clips of drag story reading and drag shows that are supposed to be for children. The story hour isn’t too bad as long as the read content isn’t about sexual situations or gender identity. I think children go through a number of phases that are now supposedly implicating a gender identity that is not in keeping with the child’s birth sex. Children generally grow out of certain phases such as the Tom-boy phase a lot of young girls go through. It doesn’t mean the child identifies as a trans person. Bringing that question into a kids mind can leave them questioning something unnecessarily. I don’t think it’s helpful or appropriate to encourage kids to adopt an alternative gender identity. Likewise the very sexualized performances I saw on video where very young children were present were wildly sexualized. Children generally don’t need to be thinking in those terms yet. There’s a reason why we don’t consider it safe or appropriate to have children see graphic sexual images or activities. They find it rather uncomfortable and not something they are ready for anyway.

I don’t care if it’s old fashioned, prudish, or trans/homophobic. I think it isn’t healthy emotionally, physically or spiritually to pursue a romantic (physical) relationship with people if the same sex. I do not judge grown adults who decide to engage in same-sex relations but I wouldn’t want to influence young ppl to do it. Any thing beyond that is between an individual and God. Not me and them. I don’t think schools should be broaching this subject with kids either. Even teens are now having a lot of documented anxiety about second guessing their sexual identity and preferences. Teen girls especially are being influenced to think of themselves as trans when certain thoughts or behaviors are pointed to as indicators when the whole picture tells a different story. I don’t know why the whole issue has come up. Teens should never be given medications or surgical procedures as they may well make a different choice later but damage has already been done. I don’t think it’s acceptable either for teens to be ostracized for experimenting with external trans appearances or homosexuality.

Parents are being pressured into obtaining medical interventions that can have permanent adverse consequences based on sketchy and misconstrued data.

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This suddenly appearing vital need for children to get to go to “Drag Queen Story Hour” can only be in support of grooming/recruiting efforts. If it isn’t, it can wait until the attendees are adults.

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Drag shows and kiddie porn are a distraction from the real problem - failure to teach standard disciplines that prepare children for a productive adult life. You can bet that children in China, India and other of our competitor nations are not wasting learning time in this fashion!

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