Not that I need to convince anyone here that the gender stuff (and Critical Social Justice) is a cult/religion, but i have a litmus test that I use in finding a good church to attend.

I always attend the Bible studies and discussion groups and I deliberately ask questions that can bother people lol. I often take a devil’s advocate position.

The woke cult is super reactive and intolerant of any questions.

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Transgenderism is real but incredibly rare. It’s less than a quarter the number of flat-earthed. There is no science to support the existence of clusters.

Surely we can figure how to coexist without turning the country upside down. Medical intervention before the age of 25, when the brain matures, is foolhardy.

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This conversation is incredibly important for those for whom medical care and support is critical to their health and well-being, but also for those who are caught up in a cultural zeitgeist, and particularly young and very young people. What disturbs me so much is the requirement by this community one be fully in no questions asked, or one becomes part of a fully opposed group.

Yesterday, after I stated I fully support human rights for these people, but I had concerns for younger people, I was deemed a genocidal terrorist.

If a parent with a child who has whatever dysmorphia comes up against that attitude, where that parent is required to either be all in and must follow a prescribed pathway towards medical intervention, or be called a genocidal terrorist, their child is potentially at risk for being funneled into a choice they are certainly too young to make and maybe making due to peer and cultural pressure.

All of this ignores the reality it is common for young children to go through periods where they want to behave as the other gender. This is normal, and parents can deal with it by saying, " Go ahead, do what you have to do, " until such time as that state passes, or it becomes clear there is actually a reason to consider a different path. But to lump all children who make that statement. "I want to be a boy " or "I want to be a girl, " directly into medical intervention, is astoundingly reactive. If that "shovelling" occurs due to pressure from the transgender activist community, then that is bordering on criminal.

If this continues unchecked and no questions are asked, or are permitted, and if we as a society cave to these threats and these negative terms, for instance genocidal terrorist, I am of the opinion we will see catastrophic repercussions in the next 10 years or possibly less.

There is a growing detransitioner community, - people who made certain choices based on peer pressure, who now feel they did not have the appropriate support to get through what they now know was a prolonged but ultimately temporary situation, and who, in addition to regretting their decision, are now also subject to attacks from the transgender activist community.

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"You are on the wrong side of history."

This is the criticism Marxists use against anyone who does not enthusiastically support their agenda. The Marxist agenda is to destroy all that exists--especially the normal, stable, traditional or historical--and replace it with global communism, a form of totalitarianism. Marxists believe that history is driven dialectically forward by revolution and that the end of history will occur when communism is achieved. History can be viewed as the god of the Marxist cult religion, of which woke is but one denomination. For more on this topic, I suggest reading any of the books written by Paul Kengor, PhD, academic advisor for the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. I also write about this topic in my "2026" Substack.

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This was great! Nice to be able to see a conversation like this, from so many people who came from many different kinds of back grounds, focusing on the same issue. Very Cool.

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The "Dutch Protocols" are the WPATH gold standard, but those studies had small subject numbers, 2 deaths in a cohort of 55, as well as 15 subjects who abruptly left the study exploring the use of puberty blockers and no follow-up as to why. Eliza Mondegreen, in her substack blog, Gender Hacked, reports on the most recent WPATH meeting (actually, EPATH, European instead of "world" professional association of transgender health) and the same Dutch researchers expressed complete bewilderment about the current follow up of the original subjects. Why? Because they could only find 50% of them, and of those (what, 25 or so? this is not data) said they've now adopted 'non-binary' or animalistic sexual identities. They made up new terms to account for the fact that these subjects, in their teens, submitted to puberty blockers, wrong sex hormones and surgeries for a different identity from their original opposite sex ideations. It is a cult. Doctors and mental health practitioners promote it.


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Wait, I need to pay to hear information of importance to everyone?

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Great conversation!

Starting at the 1:23:56 mark of this video, Helen Joyce suggests ways people can make a difference:


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Thanks Peter, big fan of yours. The grievance studies project was epic, bravo especially for that. I'm a transwoman, sorry about that.

I think it's a pity that the only way Marci Bowers entered this conversation is via a brief clip from BB Chris. She has received a lot of flack from trans activists for her pro-science positions, but she remains focused on patient care. Maybe you could have a conversation with her and maybe also Joshua Safer?

As for the studies that 'show' that gender-non-conforming children end up as gay, I would suggest that this conflates correlation and cause. Similar longitudinal studies of gays from the early 20th century would "show" that gay-men ended up in hetero marriages with children, for example. It's one thing to read a study and it's quite another to really understand what it is saying.

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