Thank you for sharing this conversation! I think this video is another great example of the integrity of Peter and Reid. Pastor VanderKlay did a fantastic job of generating questions on the fly.

This experience felt better than any atheism and Christianity conversation I've ever listened to, and I was wondering why. One of the aspects of SSE that I really like is when you ask people what would cause them to move one mat in either direction. It is thought provoking for the participants and can produce really interesting responses. I thought it would have been really interesting in this video but including that feature may have increased the defensiveness feeling and lost the "feeling better than" previous atheist and Christianity conversations effect. It seems like a great variation to utilize when wading into topics in which the difference in the participant's initial viewpoints is relatively large as it keeps the mood light and builds rapport. Thanks again for the great content!

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The Eternity question. Heaven exists OUTSIDE the physical universe we live in. Therefore the laws that govern the universe don't apply there. Time as we perceive it doesn't exist. Every time is Now.

As Always I Could Be Wrong. This works for me.

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