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Nancy seems nice, but I find this article to be absurd. Its main underlying premise is loosely captured by her statement that "hating the woke and the woke hating back has become for some the zest of life." This, and the comparison of this conflict to a soccer game, are followed by what amounts to a shrug and the conclusion we should just all go do something more fun, like watch the sunset.

This all amounts to a colossal misunderstanding of what's happened, and what will continue to happen, unless "Wokism" is defeated. Wokism is an ideology founded on blaming the “other”, and its adherents seek to stage a revolution that will reverse some fundamental principles. Among these principles are your right to free speech, equality under the law, and not being held responsible for the acts of others who happen to share some "identity" characteristic with you (such as your race).

The society in which we remain free to enjoy sunsets has been made possible by these principles, and they will vanish if the Woke triumph. If we have to stick with the soccer game analogy, then let me add to it. The game is one which the anti-woke are compelled to play, because team Woke has made it clear that if they win they'll burn down the stadium, imprison the opposing team, and enslave the spectators.

I encourage those who have the courage to fight to do so (by speaking up), and those who do not to at least refrain from throwing rocks at the team trying to defend them.

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