Probably better not to fall in to the lie. No such thing exists as a “transgender person.” Sex is binary, regardless of the feelings of those who “feel” otherwise. People insisting they are “trans” or “non-binary” or “gender fluid” are in reality clinically insane by definition.

Accepting and thereby promulgating their insanity / dishonesty is dishonest. Being untruthful helps no one and hinders society at-large. Best bet: don’t lie and don’t accept the lies.

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No one is "trans", there are only delusions of "gender"

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Please consider Hayton's previous writing about God as male and his inability to find himself in the Christian male-god theology. It explains a great deal. What Hayton does not speak on is the psychological and emotional damage men like him do to their wives. (he wrote about baking the family's bread as a "female" task when he was "transitioning.") Please people, stop giving these AGP dudes a platform. Ignore them, let your boredom grow. They are a bore. Except when they're demanding their wife to put on a strap on and pretend to be male in bed. Then they are a danger. Hayton's wife, who openly said she asked for a divorce, has openly stated they do not sleep together.


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It is interesting that the people who think gender is just a social construct think that you can transition from one gender to another… It’s like an atheist who blames God for the worlds problems… It’s not logical.

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Peter, I've watched every interview of yours I can find and every video you've posted and this might be the weakest. You were in a raft floating above the Marianas Trench and you didn't even peep over the side.


Why did both participants assume that of course it's acceptable in a liberal society for an autogynephile to teach children and why was there an unchallenged equivalency made to letting a homosexual teach? Suggesting they're comparable scenarios makes me wonder whether you assumed that autogynephilia is a sexuality, which is inaccurate. Autogynephiles are heterosexual men (with a "target location disorder", as Hayton stated). Autogynephilia is a fetish/mental disorder/paraphilia. Homosexuality is a sexuality.

If autogynephilia isn't a mental disorder, then what is it? If someone claims it's a sexuality, then 1) that's its own debate and 2) it would lead me to question whether all sexualities should be tolerated in society.

Given AGP/trans sex offending rates, why would you so easily agree that any of them should be allowed around minors? Isn't it at least worth raising a few serious positions to work through if you're going to have him on?





Why assume a liberal society should allow the mentally disordered to pretend to minors that their condition is normal? If there's a social contagion aspect to transgenderism as discussed, then why should we allow Hayton to interact with the cohort of society that is most susceptible to social contagions? His presence in the classroom is normalizing his behavior to them.

Would be very beneficial to have someone join you who robustly, completely disagrees with you in order to call out this crap and present a vigorous, energetic opposing stance. Ex: Cutting one's genitals off is not a gold standard for commitment (!) that legitimizes an idea of "true trans"; it's just a gold standard for fetishism. If he'd cut his leg off and identified as disabled and was demanding wheelchair ramps be built for him, would you still have coddled him this way? All he's legitimized is the fact that he's so mentally disordered that he needs to be committed to an asylum.

Why not bring up the fact that the treatments and surgery he got on the public dime are cosmetic. If he calls it suicide prevention then that's further evidence that he is mentally disordered and belongs in an asylum, not a school.

When he confirmed he is sexually attracted to women, why not ask about the visible impact his transition had on his wife and kids?

Why bother talking about feelings in relation to making public policy if you're going to sidestep following up about his historical lobbying to use the female students' bathroom at school and the impacts it had on minor students and public policy precedent?

Why not define the terms "gender" and "sex" in writing for each other and challenge their use (and conflation). Why not talk about how these terms were conflated societally in the past and whether they should be conflated?

Endless pitches coming in right over the plate and you just wouldn't swing. Low hanging fruit everywhere. Fish in a barrel! What's going on? What happened?!

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You can behave or dress any way you like, but you can't lie about your sex and force us to believe you. Sex and gender are different. We will let you define gender as behavior. You can't redefine sex.

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"transwomen" -- compound words like "crayfish" which ain't.

And transwomen who cut their nuts off no longer qualify as males, nor as adult human males, i.e., as men.

You might actually consider starting with the biological definitions for the sexes by which to have a sex is to have functional gonads of either of two types, those with neither being sexless.

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If "Debbie" knows that he's a man, then what is the point of anything that he is doing? Why does he call himself Debbie? Why did he grow out his hair? Why is he calling himself a "trans"woman at all? How can he KNOW that he's a man, and then claim that he has some kind of condition where he FEELS like he's a woman? If he knows that, what's the point of any of this? Call yourself David, get a haircut, and stop with all of this.

These men are even worse than a full-on delusional troon like WIll "Lia" Thomas. At least he's consistent. He claims he's a woman, which means he should play women's sport. These men are inconsistent. They act like they're one of the "good ones" (I'm a "cool" tr@nny, not like the regular tr@nnies!), meanwhile they have no point.

Tell Mr. Hayton to stop it then. What's the point of his existence? Well, actually I know--he's a Trojan horse to lull people into a false sense of complacency.

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