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Thank you for this great content! I am always interested in hearing what you, Konstantin, and Francis have to say. I think their assistance in getting Sam Harris feeling comfortable talking publicly again is a testament to how important their ability to extend grace to their guests https://youtu.be/OqoHt2pUjaE?t=1301 and no-small-talk humor is for society right now.

As for the claim: "If tomorrow, we had a magic wand and I waved it and everybody were an atheist, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict would be easier to solve." https://youtu.be/HpUjJL0D9Uo?t=1592

I think the wise seers of our time, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, provided the best response to this claim in 2006. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5ZiqFfalGQ

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As someone that has created a reputation for creating an environment for open discussion, shame you have hidden on the most pressing matter in the world right now. If you are going to bring triggered men to provide a Zionist voice, where is the counter voice?

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