Woke in Plain English: "Privilege"

Privilege. “Privilege” means advantages that you did not earn. According to woke ideology, one can only have privilege if one is a member of a group that has more power than another group. The woke identify many types of privilege including white, male, thin, and heterosexual privilege. They claim that if you’re “privileged,” you’re almost always unaware of your privilege, and you will do anything to maintain it—including keeping others who do not have that privilege oppressed. For example, if you have wealth privilege (in other words, if you’re wealthy), you will vote against the interests of poor people and for the interests of rich people. For the woke, if you have privilege, you must completely devote your life to using your privilege and working on behalf of those less privileged. You will never be able to complete this work, as it is inescapable, and you will always live with the stain of privilege.

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