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Beyond Woke was created by me, Peter Boghossian, to give you a front row seat in the culture war. I’m executing a blueprint to push back against illiberalism and I'd like you to be directly involved.

The blueprint has a two-fold aim: first, reveal the implications of far-left ideological takeover; and second, restore free speech and open inquiry as non-partisan values.

As I wrote in my resignation letter to Portland State University, truth is no longer the North Star of our universities. However, addressing what goes on in university classrooms is not nearly enough.

Students indoctrinated with intolerant ideologies are now teachers in primary education, human resource officers in organizations and corporations, and DEI consultants across the globe. Equally damaging is the woke infiltration of journalism, where the aims of objectivity and balance have been replaced by ideology and activism.

We are going to fight back. I invite you to join me!

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Spectrum Street Epistemology is a highly engaging, interactive event where people explore deeply held beliefs and contentions together. It’s a non-threatening way to help individuals reflect on their reasoning and convictions while fostering civil discourse. In addition, for younger subscribers, I'll share my unfiltered thoughts about how you can benefit from what I’ve learned in my 55 years of life.

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Peter Boghossian 

Author, philosopher, educator; Most recent book: How to Have Impossible Conversations.