Here's a question: Do you understand that the entire "trans" concept has been promoted in the service of autogynophilic middle aged men and do you know that these men are volunteering to lead the "youth groups" at LGBTQIA+ centers, targetting teen girls to get their narcissistic fuel? I give you the examples of Jennifer Pritzger, who has donated huge amounts of his pharma inheritance towards grooming of vulnerable teens for medical "transition." and Rachel Levine, who goes before the nation spouting slogans.

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I am close to the conclusion that there are males, females, and transvestites.. It is imposible to "fee l" something you can never feel. It is impossible to understand the taste of brocolie until, of course, you actually taste brocolie. Likewise, you can never feel like a woman unless, of course, you are a woman. It's time to stop playing the game. Too many people are cheating!

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When you were probing Taylor about 25 being the age of consent for trans-related medicalization, she kept beginning to answer the question, asking whether you think there's something psychological going on with people who believe they're in the wrong body, and then veering off into something else. I think I know where she was going with it, though.

If someone wants to get ear gauges I might find that weird, or think that that's not something I wouldn't want to do. What I wouldn't think, though, is that that person is mentally unstable or stuck in a delusion. Nor would I think that they might need some sort of psychiatric help.

I think that's where she was drawing the distinction. I don't think there's any way to get around the conclusion that if you believe you were born in the wrong body, it's your thinking that is wrong, not your body.

There are cases where one with a mental illness, despite being an adult, is restricted in some way. If someone has a mental disorder went to the doctor and asked for their leg to be cut off, the doctor would likely say no. I think Taylor was thinking about it this way- that asking for irreversible surgery that would make oneself a permanent medical patient is in the same realm as asking a doctor to cut off your leg. Perhaps you believe that an adult SHOULD be able to get their leg cut off upon request, but if not, then could we think of irreversible gender-affirming surgery in a different way?

If that WAS where she was thinking of going, though, then it still wouldn't make sense for 25 to be the logical endpoint. I do think it was incorrect when you (Peter) suggested that she wasn't providing an end-point. She was, it was just 25 instead of 18.

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