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Racial Justice Should Be the Highest Priority of the University | Portland

Gender is a Social Construct | Portland

Most of the Police in the U.S. Are Racist | Portland

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Tent Camping in Public Spaces Should Be Legal | Portland

The Primary Mission of the University Should Be Social Justice | Berkeley

Sexual Orientation Should Not Be Discussed in Elementary Schools | Colorado State University

Trans Women Should Be Legally Treated as Women | UC Berkeley

The University of Austin: Free Speech Returns to the Academy

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Speech is Violence | Dartmouth College

The Consideration of Race Should Be Removed from the College Admissions Process | Dartmouth College

Behind the Scenes at Purdue University

Kendipalooza #6: The Only Remedy to Past Discrimination is Present Discrimination | Berkeley (Sproul Plaza)

Kendipalooza #5: The Only Remedy to Past Discrimination is Present Discrimination | Berkeley (Dwinelle Hall)

Kendipalooza #4: The Only Remedy to Past Discrimination is Present Discrimination | Capital University

Kendipalooza #3: The Only Remedy to Past Discrimination is Present Discrimination | Purdue

Kendipalooza #2: The Only Remedy to Past Discrimination is Present Discrimination | PSU

Kendipalooza: The Only Remedy to Past Discrimination is Present Discrimination #1

A No-Offense Society is a No-Knowledge Society | CSU Fort Collins

Equality of Outcome vs. Equality of Opportunity | Purdue University

Biological Men in Women’s Sports | Purdue University

Students Try to Explain Why America is Systemically Racist

Behind The Scenes: NAU Reverse Q&A

The Age of Incarceration Should Be Raised from 10 to 13 | Colorado State University

Dartmouth College: "My Body, My Choice" for Vaccines & Abortion

“I Stopped Listening to NPR When…”

Should abortion be legal one day before the due date?

Third Trimester Abortion: Opposing Views at Dartmouth College

Should the beliefs of historically oppressed persons get special consideration when deciding between true and false?

Claim at Capital University: Biological Males Should Not Compete in Women’s Sports

Heated Exchange: Trans Women in Women's Sports

First Stop of Reverse Q&A Tour: University of Southern California

Behind the Scenes at Dartmouth College

Event Highlights from Northern Arizona University

"America is Racist" - Reverse Q&A at UC Berkeley

"There are only 2 genders" — Conversation at PSU

Did I Harm Portland State University Students By Asking This Question?

Behind the scenes: USC Reverse Q&A

Should the Colorado State University Campus Police be abolished?

Brown University: What Happened

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UC Berkeley CANCELS Reverse Q&A Event (Twice)

"Antiracist Baby" by Ibram X Kendi, Page 4

"Antiracist Baby" by Ibram X Kendi, Page 3

I asked USC students about their experiences with Social Justice in the Classroom

"Antiracist Baby" by Ibram X Kendi, Page 1

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Things You Can Do: K-12 Schools

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How Ed Schools Won

The Reading Debacle

The Knowledge Gap

Cancellation of the Russian Culture

Social Justice Illiteracy

From Justice to Social Justice

Ed Schools: Weak Academics & Woke Politics

Hungary, Ukraine, and the Promise of America

Why Authoritarians Love "Intention vs. Impact"

Yale's Halloween Hustle

Mainstreaming Microaggressions

University of Delaware Re-Education

Three Weeks in Budapest

"Inadequate to Appalling": Administrator Training

College Administrators

1965-1975: The Decisive Decade

Dr. Lyell Asher: Why Colleges Are Becoming Cults

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Budapest

Reflections From Budapest

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What Else Can People Do to Fight Back?

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